Hi Friends! I am Amanda


A few things about me: I like to be unique, different and stay true to myself, because who wants to be like everyone else, am I right? I pride myself in being honest & authentic, what you see is what you get. I have been married to my husband and best friend for 5 years, together for 10. Hugs & forehead kisses are my love languages for sure! 

When I am not working at my office job, photographing or editing, you can find me in my favorite sweat pants with my hair in a messy bun, watching some crime show that I have probably seen 100 times already, CSI, Dateline, Law & Order SVU, Snapped are a few of my favs, while my husbands asks "didn't we just watch this one last night".  

I am fueled by red bull (this girl doesn't like coffee, I know, I am strange) , tattoos, a little bit of sarcasm, messy buns and those real belly laughs! I love to smile and make others laugh, crack jokes that I think are funny, but they probably aren't. 


Photography pushes me out of my comfort zone and is part of who I am. I love the idea of combining my passion and skill to tell your life story. I truly believe that a photo session should be a fun experience from start to finish, not only for weddings, but for all sessions. I am so in love with the real, raw & intimate moments. All moments are important, coloring/reading with your kids, pillow fights, cuddling, picnics during sunset. All of it matters and should be captured. I am not into "stiff" poses. I am all about using prompts to get my clients comfortable to bring out those real emotions and those real belly laughs. Trust me, almost all of my clients start by saying "we are awkward in front of the camera" and after their session they feel great. It is not only my job but my passion to make you feel comfortable and bring out those raw emotions.

You are never getting "just" a photographer with me. You are getting a friend, a hype girl, a cheerleader, a bad joke teller, a bouquet holder, a purse & tissue holder and absolute biggest fan! I will laugh with you, cry with you and then I will give you the most beautiful photos that I possibly can that will tell your story and show how your love story unfolded. And not just because you happened to hire me, but because I lived it with you. To me, it makes a huge difference in connecting with each other versus hiring "just" a photographer. If you are looking for "just" a photographer, that isn't me. But if you are looking for everything else, that is me and I would love to chat with you! 

Let's do this!


Confession time... Weddings and couples are my absolute favorite! There is something about being there to document the love that two people share for each other that really just sets my soul on fire. I have yet to photograph a wedding without crying at some point, which speaks to the relationships I build with my clients. I am not there to just snap some photos, I am there along side of you celebrating you and your beautiful day. Love to me is one of the most beautiful things and capturing the sweet moments give me life!! The details, the excitement in the getting ready room, the moments of anticipation, the way your spouse takes your hand or gently moves your hair out of your face. It is all part of your love story and I want to document it all. 

 I only take on 10 weddings per year because this allows me to truly be able to give each of my couples 110% of my focus and I believe that is what you deserve and that is very important to me. From the moment you contact me about your wedding day I promise to give my all to you from start to finish.