Hi! I am Amanda. Welcome!

The woman behind the camera:


I am beyond flattered that you are here and happy you clicked on this tab to get to know me a bit!. When I am not working you will most likely find me relaxing on my couch with my husband and our two cats watching a criminal show (criminal minds, law & order, snapped, etc) that we've seen a dozen times already. 95% of the time my hair is in a messy bun and you will find me without make up, but don't worry when I am shooting your wedding I promise not to show up in my favorite sweat pants.

A few things about me, I thrive on being different and unique, because who wants to be like everyone else, am I right? I pride myself in being honest & authentic. I express myself through tattoos & my photos! 

I am fueled by red bull, tattoos, a little bit of sarcasm, messy buns and those real belly laughs. I love to smile, crack jokes and sometimes I curse to much (not around children of course). 

Photography pushes me out of my comfort zone and is apart of who I am. I love the idea of combining my passion and skill with your story and your vibes! Creating a visual narrative of who you are and making it a simple and fun process for my clients. I truly believe that a photo session should be an enjoyable experience from start to finish, not only for weddings or big events but for every single session. I am so in love with the real, raw & intimate moments. I use prompts to get my clients comfortable and just be themselves, because to me photos should show you as the real you! I think small moments are big moments and should be documented. Coloring/reading with your children, pillow fights, cuddling and picnics during the sunset. All of it matters and all of it should be remembered and captured. Whether you are getting married or want to have moments captured, it is super important to vibe well with your photographer. If you think that we would vibe well together and you love my work, I would love to chat with you! Hope to see you in my inbox soon! 



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The man beside the woman behind the camera:


This is my husband, Jim. He has driven me to many sessions and is literally the REASON why you are on this website right now. If it wasn't for him pushing me to follow my passion and buying me my first camera I don't think I would have pursued this passion of mine.  Jim is why I started my business and my clients are why I continue. I have met so many amazing people along the way. The fact that I get to capture important moments in your lives literally gives me life! To create stories and memories that stay with you forever is a feeling that can't be explained. 

 While we do have a lot in common we are also very different. Jim is the most accepting person and has this wonderful way of not sweating the small stuff, then there is me, also known as a firecracker. The one who needs to plan out every aspect of the day, the one who tends to raise my voice when I am passionate about something. But the one thing that is the most important to both of us is to make others happy and smile. 

We give all we can to others and always put others ahead of ourselves. One of his best traits is his honestly, regardless if I want to hear it or not, he will always keep it honest. He doesn't sugar coat things. If I create something that isn't great he will tell me, not in a mean way, but in a way that pushes me to grow and do better. Working 60+ hours a week at an office and also running a business takes a lot of time and sacrifice, but not only for me, for him as well. The wonderful thing is he totally understands and wants me to put my all into my business because he knows how deep my passion is for it. I think that the face of the business gets the credit, but really our spouses put in just as much work and sacrifice. He picks up the slack with the household responsibilities and he sacrifices time with me. Why does he do this? Because that is what love is all about! Truth is, I would be lost without this man cheering me on every day. I hope everyone finds a "Jim" that they can spend their life with.