Hello! Welcome Flash Me Friends, I am so glad you are here.



  • Hi Friends! Welcome to my little corner of the world.  I am Amanda, owner and professional photographer of Flash Me Photography located in the gorgeous Hudson Valley, NY (Wappingers Falls). Not only do I cover the surrounding areas such as; Beacon, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Cold Spring, etc. but I also cover parts of CT & PA and love to travel!
  • My images are known for being warm, happy, romantic, candid and romantic just like me! Many would describe me as being down to earth, goofy and a true romantic, so if you don't take life to seriously and are all about those real raw moments that truly describe you & your partner, let's talk, okay?  Oh, and the answer is always yes... to your dogs being in your session or wedding! 

I'm not for everyone


There is a photographer out there for everyone & I don't want to pretend that I am the perfect fir for everyone, because I', not. My style is warm, candid & romantic. My goal is to always get to know my clients first, and get you comfortable with me and then bring our your personalities during your session/wedding and capture the 100% real & raw emotions that are unique to you. I want real belly laughs, real love, I want all the realness!  If you are comfortable with me, this is a lot easier, and most importantly want you to have fun and look back at your images and have them bring back all those feelings that we created during these session. 

I never shoot a session or wedding the same- I invest in YOU and your story and all my effort goes into getting to know you, your story and how I can bring that out. 

Quality over quantity


As previously stated, I take it very seriously to get to know my clients. Upon your inquiry, I set up a face time call (or google Duo if you don't have an iPhone) so that we can chat and get to know each other and you can tell me exactly what you want. The reason for the face time call is because it is much more personable seeing the other person versus just a phone call, I know this can be intimidating, but I promise after the call you will be happy that it was done this way. There is no pressure to book at this time, you can take your time of course, but should you decide to book (either after the cal or weeks later), I then try to set up a time to meet. I do understand this isn't always an option, so this is optional. Then of course we also have the engagement session! The engagement session is HUGE, it isn't only about the photos, it is the time where we get to work with each other for the first time, where you get to see what it's like to be like in front of the camera and become comfortable. I only take on a certain number of clients a year because of these things and because I literally pour my heart into doing whatever I can for my people! I am your cheerleader, your side-kick and your number one fan! Need outfit suggestions? I got you. Need timeline help, I got you. Whatever it is, I got you! 

Meet the Man behind the scenes, my husband, Jim


You will often catch me saying " I Love love" and when I say this, it is so very true. I am such a sucker for love. This is probably why couples & Weddings are my absolute favorite things to capture ever! 

Now what you are about to hear you may think is super corny, but it comes from my heart, I promise. 

I don't know if I can say that I always believed in soul mates or true love. But then came along this guy, Jim. And whatever I thought I knew about love completely changed for me. Jim is the reason that you are on this page right now, because he always pushing me and supports me to follow my dreams and wow, I couldn't be more grateful because photography has changed my life in so many ways that I can't even image my life without it. When I had brain surgery, this man right here washed my hair for over a year and never complained once, like how is he even real! 

I wanted to highlight Jim because he does a lot for my business, he has second shot at weddings for me, he has been my assistant at weddings, he comes up with creatives ideas for marketing and so on. So even though it is my face that you see for Flash Me Photography, this man does a lot for the business as well and again if it wasn't for him, who knows if I would have even started.