Photographer Serving the Hudson Valley,NY & Surrounding Areas to Include CT

You're never getting "just" a photographer with me. You're getting a friend, a hype girl, a cheerleader & your biggest fan! 


Omar & Omar- Testimonial

Amanda, we are sincerely grateful for not only your outstanding professional service but also for your outgoing, friendly, patient and calming personality. As beautiful and memorable as yesterday was for us, it was also one of our most stressful and hectic days as a couple. You guided us through our day and in moments of stress, you quickly redirected us with your humor. As if you're beautiful photos and personality weren't enough, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the extra care and attention you had towards my mother. Weddings are comprised of many skilled services, including that which you have provided as our photographer, however what you provided aside from your pictures, can not be paid for, you either have it or you don't, You my dear have it in an abundance and for that we thank you so much. In us you've gained a lifetime advertisement service as we would proudly recommend you to anyone taking the plunge. Again, thank you so much. 

Why Flash Me Photography?

You are never getting "just" a photographer with me. You are getting a friend, a hype girl, a cheerleader, a bad joke teller, a bouquet holder, a purse & tissue holder and absolute biggest fan! I will laugh with you, cry with you and then I will give you the most beautiful photos that I possibly can that will tell your story and show how your love story unfolded. And not just because you happened to hire me, whether it is for your wedding day or for your updated family photos,  but because I lived it with you. To me, it makes a huge difference in connecting with each other versus hiring "just" a photographer. If you are looking for "just" a photographer, that isn't me. But if you are looking for everything else, that is me and I would love to chat with you!