Suggestions on what to wear:

What to wear is probably one of the biggest things that clients tend to overthink.  You will want to bring at least 2-3 outfit choices for your session time. This allows us to have options to choose from if something just isn't working. You will also want at least 2-3 bra and pantie sets with you. Be sure that your bra and panties are properly fit. You don't want them to be to tight or to loose. 

I want to point out that these are just some of my suggestions and what I have learned that works well. You are not obligated to wear these items. Boudoir sessions are all about what style best fits you and what you feel most confident in. While I do suggest you take a peek at at my thoughts, I also want you to think about what best describes you, what you think you can rock in confidence and most importantly what is going to be best for you. If you have never worn lingerie in your life and have no desire to, then don't go out and buy some for your session. I do recommend stepping out of your comfort zone, but in no way changing who you are as a person! 

Some outfit suggestions:


Cozy sweaters:

I love the off the shoulder and cropped sweaters. They can be slightly over-sized or something a bit more fitted. Pairing your favorite sweater with some cute panties and thigh high socks gives a super comfortable, sassy & sexy look. Or you could add your favorite pair of pumps as well. 


One of the biggest tips for bodysuits are to find ones that are high-waisted, this gives the illusion that your legs are much longer than they are. Most thong bodysuits tend to be high- waisted. Also, some bodysuits that show off some side boob are definitely a win! 


There are so many things that can be done with robes. A silk or lace robe are probably my favorites. You can wear the robe as you normally would, hold it off the shoulders, and also can be used to cover up certain areas that that you may want covered. 

High heels:

Even if you aren't comfortable wearing them or walking in them, they can still work for your session. High heels give you a couple extra inches. I would recommend going with a pump or a ankle booties, what you don't want to do is wear knee high boots, as these will actually make your legs appear shorter than they are. 

Crop tops:

These are super fun! Crop tops show off just enough of your body to make you feel super confident and make for some great images! I recommend going with a looser crop top, unless you want to show off under boob, which isn't for every woman, so this will all depend upon you. 


We can also incorporate the bed sheets into your session as well. If you decide to go nude, using a sheet to hide some areas is a really sexy way. Even if you don't choose to go nude, pairing a white sheet with a bra and pantie set always makes for good images and leaves some more for the imagination. 


This is probably the most scary option for many of woman.  Couple of things to remember here, I am a woman just like you. I have my own insecurities just like you. I am a judgement free zone and feel very passionate about woman loving the body they are in, just the way it is! We all need to find that self love within ourselves. My mission as a boudoir photographer is to make you feel beautiful and to have fun during the session, it is also to get you out of your comfort zone and do something you normally wouldn't do. We can also do implied nudes, meaning you can be nude and we can use your robe, a sheet, a blanket or even pillows to cover up certain areas that you might want covered up. Should you decide to choose some nude options, trust me you will not regret it! If you choose to do some nudes I never start the session this way. We will first do some with the outfits you have chosen, then move to the bra and pantie set and then start removing some items. Most people are a bit shy or uncomfortable within the first few minutes of the shoot, but then you will warm up. So starting with nudes just doesn't make sense. Also, you don't have to do full nudes, you can choose to just be topless and we can position you were some areas are covered, or not.. Totally up to you! You can choose to go bottomless only and pair that with a sweater or robe. Again, the possibilities are endless. We will talk about what you are comfortable with and go from there and who knows, you may not be comfortable going nude or partially nude and then during the session you may change your mind. Just communicate with me and we will ensure your session is perfect!